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Solid Carbide Deep Hole Drills : BLD-91 L/D=15

All Dimensions in MM


  • Machine a pilot hole with an m7 toleranced series drill to a minimum pilot depth of 1 to 1.5 x D.
  • Enter the pilot hole at a speed of approx. 300 RPM, and with a feed rate of approx. 19 - 20 IPM
  • Start high coolant pressure and increase RPM.
  • Continuous drilling to complete hole depth without peck cycle.
  • For through holes with oblique exit, reduce the feed rate to 40% approx. 1 mm prior to break-through.
  • After reaching hole depth reduce machine spindle RPM and withdraw.

Also offered on request in :

  • Inches sizes and intermediate sizes.
  • Specific tolerances.
  • Drill point geometry to suit application.
  • Flute design to suit application.
  • Special coatings to enhance tool life.
  • Special shank (Weldon, whistle notch etc.)